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Septeto Santiaguero is ready to launch a new album with "deluxe" collaborations
portada lagrimasSepteto Santiaguero release today the first single for the new album they are ready to launch.  "Lágrimas Negras" is the song title that the Cuban band has chosen to introduce what will be the future album "Vamos pa' la fiesta" that in a few weeks will be released.

In this version from the well known song by Miguel Matamoros adds to Septeto Santiaguero the wonderful voice of Rubén Blades.  During the track appears twice Rubén Blades. By his unmistakable way of singing and his alter ego "Medoro Madera".

"Vamos pa' la fiesta" is the release album name by Septeto Santiaguero. In the album we'll see the collaborations of top latino-salsa figures such as Cheo Feliciano, José Alberto "El Canario", Edwin Colón Zayas and Jimmy Bosch. This is an album that Septeto Santiaguero want to thank their historical counterpart of salsa movement "for everything they have done for the preservation of the Son and Bolero" said Septeto Santiaguero director and producer, Fernando Dewar.

This new album is released by Picap record label, like the previous album "Oye mi son santiaguero", which was awarded in Cubadisco 2011 and nomenee in Latin Grammy 2011.


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