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Absolutamente Quilapayśn

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Let's say it clearly, it is a waited return. Though the break has been an extended one, listening to the CD evidence a enriching waiting, creative, attentive to what happens on the "song" and in the world.

Here again the Quilapayśn that we appreciate. As always, not quite the same nor completely another. But anyway, ABSOLUTAMENTE QUILAPAYŚN, giving full meaning to the name chosen for this new album. This CD confirms that, with his -historical- respect for tradition and sensitivity to social problems, Quilapayśn finds in the innovation its purpose and pleasure. And the pleasure is noticed: in the communicative power, in the deployment of expertise and passion, in the desire of originality accumulated in the recent years.

The ABSOLUTAMENTE QUILAPAYŚN album is pleased to combine genres and materials from different provenances, without difficulties achieving a variety of unusual propositions. It appears so, despite a diversity of subjects and forms, both in lyrics and music, a sense of unity that captures the listener.

ABOLUTAMENTE QUILAPAYŚN compositions draw on an unsystematic tour around Chile and other cultures, re-contextualizing traditional and urban with the clear intention of innovating band propositions.
Arrangements are designed as a tool of expression for a vocal and instrumental band, but also as a communication tool in the service of each song.

Time is in a change. And Quilapayśn also. Congratulations !

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