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Espriu in his own voice (Espriu en pròpia veu)
prtada esrpriu propia veuESPRIU EN PRÒPIA VEU (With the voice of the poet SALVADOR ESPRIU reciting his own poems and the ones of Rosselló-Pòrcel)

In 1965 Espriu recorded his poems with his own voice, which were released on an EP with EDIGSA.

But he had also recorded his friend Rosselló-Pòcel poems, a recording that was forgotten and never released.

With the purchase of the EDIGSA's back catalogue by Picap, we found this unpublished recording which together with the Salvador Espriu recordings has helped to produce this album.

The idea has been to space the voice and put unpublished music, excellent job of composition and production of Toni Xuclà. And thus today at the final round of Salvador Espriu and Rosselló-Pòrcel centenaries we release this album. An true artistic gem and an unpublished document of great cultural value.

In the album booklet you'll find the poems and some words by the writer Sebastià Alzamora, the theater director Joan Ollé and the National Catalan Radio director Fèlix Riera.

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