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portada 4hivernsJ.V. Foix (Catalan poet) wrote "Four Christmas and one New Year", Carles Carol has named his solo album under the name of four winters "4hiverns". The coldest season of the year marks the climate of an intimate and secluded album, that is going well to listen sheltered indoors, near the stove or fireplace with a coffee in hand. Carles begins a new phase, after two albums as a composer and guitarist of First Aid Kit and some touring as a musician of Erm. The novelty is that now Carles also sings, and as you can listen he sings very good. Another surprise, more concerning is the slight shift of register. From electronic pop of his former band turn to a more organic one, where the keyboards and bases are better balanced with the Carles guitars, now often in acoustic.

The album kicks off with "Miralls" (mirrors), leaving us two phrases to remember: "Hi ha miralls que mai es trenquen" (There is never broken mirrors) and "Sempre endavant, és la seva feina" (always on, is your job). In "Ignició" (Ignition) we are asked: "Què en farem de tot el que hem après ara que tot just estrenem un món nou?" (What will all do of everything we have learned now that just premiered a new world). A new world that comes back in "Ens farem grans" (we'll grow up), a song name which might sound a sad statement to people who already is old, but the song is a song of hope, optimism and zest for life, with chorus without lyrics who remember those used so often by Pau Vallvé. It is no coincidence: Pau produced the albums of First Aid Kit, and even before he had been part of Experiment Zero with Carles and Jordi Lanuza of Inspira, who released the album "Meltdown" in 1996.

"Un final diferent" (A different ending) keeps the spatial metaphor of Ignició for a relationship, but if there started here comes to the end, when it is announced an "Impacte imminent" (imminent impact). "Dr. i Dra. Schmidt" is a delicious song mixing love with science fiction and ends with an enigmatic phrase: "Però el que més m'agrada és la nostra història... quàntica" (But what I like the most is our story... Quantum story). "la fugida" (The Flight) is the most rhythmic song of the album, with its insistent rhythm of clapping.

The album has been recorded by Arnau Vallvé at Can Sons Studios, the studio where he records with his band, Manel. Besides Arnau and Pau, Jordi Lanuza also collaborates and Agnès Aran (voice of First Aid Kit) and other musicians who have accompanied Carles throughout his learning. Here you are 4hiverns that will help you pass that cold moments, and face an uncertain future that awaits us with strength and courage, expecting more to come.

Text by Esteve Farrés


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