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Rafa Valls - Alta Fidelitat

foto grup rafa vallsAfter being part of many bands such as Guaita'ls, Early Fighters, Brick Crisis, etc. Rafa Valls decided to put the knowledge and experience to his music and in 2011 he began working on what is the most ambitious project of his career.

Rafa Valls releases his debut album "Alta Fidelitat", thirteen pop-folk style songs that make a trip between music and the most primal emotions. Based on the knowledge and experience, Valls said he wants to retrieve and merge styles and harmonies from U.S. pop-folk with lyrics in Catalan. According to the artist from Terrassa, Alta Fidelitat is an album filled with songs that sound old and new at once.

"Sóc jo" is the opening track of the album and was the first single. A song about the doubts generated by sharing life with another person. Small stories that make us great and Rafa tells us in pop-folk key, in a seesaw of intensities and rhythms.

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