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Història de Catalunya amb Cançons (Versió Actualitzada 2014)

portada HCC 2014 eng

It was the year 1971 when Ros Marbà wrote the History of Catalonia with Songs from the texts written by Jaume Picas. An album had been released with the vocals of the singer and performer Guillermina Motta, La Trinca and a children chorus. The album was a fun way to bring the history of Catalonia to children, putting music and voice in some of the most important facts of the country, from Guifré el Pilós to the literary Renaissance. Now, using the framework of the celebration of the tercentenary of the facts of 1714, the history of Catalonia with songs has been updated so that it can continue to serve as an educational tool and promote the history of Catalonia among children.


So, Antoni Ros Marbà has put music to Catalan historical facts such as the civil war and the "diada" of September 11. With texts by writer and poet Miquel Desclot for new songs. Thus, the "Historia de Catalunya amb Cançons" has been updated and supplemented with 5 new songs, has lengthened the narrative and have been reinstrumented some existing songs. With music by the Symphony Orchestra of Barcelona and National of Catalonia, with the narratives by Lloll Bertran and Lluís Soler, with the voices of Nina, Josep Maria Mainat and Toni Cruz and Child Chorus from Granollers.

An album to let children know the Catalan history in a fun and entertaining way, with high quality album.

You can buy the album by clicking the link to our distribution company website Actual Records, searching for CATALUNYA:

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