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2015 New Releases

Picap started this 31st year of its history with all the strength and enthusiasm, full of new releases from well known artists and many, many bets for promising new artists, convinced that more than one artist will be a hit. As always, following the editorial line of Picap, we seek a balance between artistic maturity and promising newcomers working with all the musical genres and all the different public.

xavier dotrasWe will release a new album by the brilliant jazzman Xavier Dotras Trio, an album with 10 new songs between jazz and classical with all the strength with which we are accustomed. The first album of the band led by Jordi Bardavio, Ràdio Pícnic, under the production of Micky Forteza. Also this 2015 will be the year of the debut album of a real promise, Oriol Padrós, write down well this name because surely you are going to hear it. We will see the first solo album by Xavier Túrnez, solo voice in Túrnez & Sesé band, Xavier interpretive sensitivity to service of a new projectdarania framed in the line of singer-songwriter pop. If Xavier Túrnez releases his personal project, so does his partner Daniel Sesé leading the band Darània with a splendid singer-songwriter pop with the beautiful voice of Ivet Remacha.

The eagerly awaited second album of successful Blaumut will be one of the most important news releases of the season. Season in which we will also enjoy a new album from the band of sailor and tavern song (sea chants), Port Bo, that will release a new album with the debut in the formation of Pep Nadal. The hardest rock will also be in luck with the new album by Leyenda. New roger margarit pop album by Jordi Sandalinas. Roger Margarit has gained significant success with his first album, especially in the digital market, prepares the second album of his career, with new highly crafted songs that mark an important evolution in his career.

One of the most exciting new additions to the catalogue of Picap is the Catalan rumba band Sabor de Gràcia that will surprise us with an album of new songs and some unexpected versions, a deluxe album to celebrate the 20thsabor de gracia anniversary of the band. There is also a very important new artist from Valencia, Mara Aranda, one of the most prestigious world music singers preparing what will probably be the best album of her career.

There will be more debut albums, like Ramon Mitjaneta or Xavier Bosch, some albums recovery such as the forgotten Pop a la Catalana 1 produced by Òscar Dalmau, who in turn will release the Pop a la Catalana 4. New albums by Cobla Contemporània with "Dedicats" and "Sardaxou" collections or Cobla de Cambra de Catalunya preparing an album with the full works in “sardanes” of Juli Garreta, or an album based on the work of Lluís Benejam with Josep Maria Serracant and Albert Guinovart in the production.

joan isaacChapter apart deserves this 2015 release of the second volume of "Joies Robades" by Joan Isaac with luxury collaborations.

This is a little review among the productions that surely will be released this 2015, but there are many others that are baking in the oven, they are with the composition or production and probably also be released throughout this year that promises to be a year of musical excellence with a lot of quality.


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