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BIFLATS: Hummusman!

“HUMMUSMAN!” or the Catalan Cobla revolution

After the success of Catalan fanfare! (Picap 2017), aired in mid-world radio stations, Biflats release HUMMUSMAN!, a new album with 12 songs that consolidate its unmistakable, revolutionary and rapturous world music sound.

Songs such as ‘El Piratiña’, which, with the collaboration of Adrià Salas (La Pegatina), shows a splendid “mafia pose”, or Paradís 'Paradise', a Catalan rumba that tells the story of an exemplary ‘Jonquereny' (person from La Jonquera, a border town between Catalonia and France…known in Catalonia as “Tijuana”, “El Paso”,… you can imagine), and which has the collaboration of the illustrious of the Catalan fusion Xavi Ciurans (Gertrudis); They partly make up the brand new floppy album by Biflats.

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2CFNyzC
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2OyBAfZ
Amazon CD: https://amzn.to/2TGFvbt


Important Warning: HUMMUSMAN has a mission. He is an antihero that with his flatulence (produced by the excessive intake of hummus) and the help of a great fanfare, with high dose of festivity will put everything in a mess wherever it goes. You have to be on guard.


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